Saturday, 27 December 2008

CAUGHT IN THE ACT - the concept

A view of the canteen wall at FMI.

The project will primarily consist of a 2D environment designed like a larger-than-life comic book page/panel, and arranged with it will be 3D props (e.g. a toy handgun) which will be helpful for the participant/viewer in interacting with the environment. A hidden security camera, triggered by strategically placed sensors, will take high-contrast B/W streaming video of the participant/viewer in different interactive situations (the exact nature of which shall be controlled by him) and project them on a nearby computer monitor or screen to give him an idea of his antics, and also giving him the feel of being inside a comic book or a film noir himself. Lighting (preferably an infra-red spotlight to make him less self-conscious) and camera angles will be suitably dramatic to give a sense of thrill to the whole scenario.

I have decided to use the black wall of the canteen area (the one with the computers, away from the bar) of the Frank Mohr Instituut as the base of the set-up, with the props extending somewhat into space before it, such that anybody visiting the area can be a participant/viewer without even being aware of it. Just like we pose unconsciously in front of our mirrors when we think that nobody’s watching.

Another view of the canteen wall.

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