Thursday, 19 February 2009


(An idea for an internet-based PHP project)

In today's world of recession, inflation and other financial fluctuations, the one thing I always try to keep track of is the exchange-rate between Euro and Rupee (the Indian currency), mainly from the site called 'XE - Universal Currency Converter' ( If I see that Rupee's going strong, I get a smile on my face; the smile turns to a frown if I see the Euro getting steeper.

I want to put up my face here in my blog, and I want to make it smile and frown, depending on the trend of the Euro/Rupee exchange-rate of the day. If the trend is positive over successive days, the smile will get bigger; if it becomes negative, the smile will turn into a frown which will then get bigger if the negative trend continues. The exchange-rate information will be obtained from the XE website, and the smile/frown will be updated on a daily/hourly basis, depending on the feasibility of the scheme.


Tista said...

and if this proves a successful venture, perhaps you would like to diversify into providing this service for others too? :P I'd personally like a update on how the ruble is doing against the dollar. Since I get paid in the former and save in the latter, the stronger the ruble, the larger the smile, and the weaker it gets (which seems to be the way it will go), well :(

Avec Maître said...

Why not, babushka? :-)