Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Noir Street - a concept

(a virtual reality project for the CAVE at Hanzehogeschool, Zernike)

This is going to be a conceptual extension of my previous film noir-inspired project 'Caught In The Act'. That one contained a prop (a gun to be exact) and the rest was up to the viewer/participant and how s/he would take the scenario from there (see my previous blog posts for details). After working on that installation, I tried to think in more ambitious terms: how about creating a complete environment (something like a movie set) where a person can walk around, touch and pick up things, even discover something new? Finally, after a visit to the virtual reality CAVE at Zernike and a talk with Daan, I decided to make that environment virtual (as opposed to real). That would make it faster and more economical, and the end result would (I hope) look more sleek. Below is a sample picture of how I want this environment to look like:

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