Monday, 21 September 2009

Riding his hobbyhorse.

It was a nice and sunny day in Groningen.....

..... so Klaus decided to go out for a walk.

But something caught his eye.

A beautiful horse, dark and elegant.

So he crossed the road to have a better look.

And it looked even better up close.

"I wonder if he'll let me ride him", Klaus thought.

"Well, the only way to know is to try it."

"Yes! Yes! You like me, don't you, boy?"

"You're my best friend. We shall ride around this town together, me and you."

Just then he heard a shout: "Oi! Get down from that horse!"

"I'm sorry, sir, but this is a public monument, and you cannot just, er, ride it. I'm afraid I have to arrest you."

"I'm very sorry if I've broken any rules, officer. But unfortunately you cannot arrest me, because I know a magic word."
"Magic word? What magic word?"


"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to my room."

"Goodbye, officer. It was a pleasure meeting you."

N.B. "Fyat fyat shnai shnai" is a magic phrase used by a group of Calcutta-based anarchists called Fyataaru. By chanting this phrase and flapping their hands like wings at the same time, Fyataarus can fly for as long as they want. Their adventures are being chronicled by the bearded bard Nabarun Bhattacharya.


Samita Chatterjee said...

Yay a Klauscomics! Looking forward to a closer look at the horse! WHERE IS IT?

Amazing Grays said...

oh wow! great work, i stumbled across this blog by accident & it really is the most fortunate kind of accident.

Avec Maître said...

@Samita: Look closely, blind girl!

@Poulami: Honoured. :-) Look at the other blog started by Samita and me ('See Spots Run'), and feel free to contribute.

sisters of mercy said...

Is this a superposition of photos (of some Groningen neighbourhood) and sketches?

Liked the outcome :-)

Avec Maître said...

@Sisters: Yes, these are combination of shots of Groningen (Radesingel, to be precise) with Klaus sketched in in Photoshop. Thanks for liking it.

Anonymous said...

awesome! great work combining real life shots and sketches. they have so come out well.
will surely come back and see the other posts :)

Avec Maître said...

@Amit: Sure!

Keka said...

knew it was yr blog the instant i saw the name :-)
great posts - loved all of them!
and shubho bijoya.

Avec Maître said...

Shubho Bijoya to you too! :-) But where did you see the name?

Samita Chatterjee said...

Arre! you're editing the same post with new panels! How is anyone supposed to get updates ? If you post every update as a new post, people who follow your blog or use rss or google reader will see the new panels, edit korle toh dekhte pabena (parchhina!)

Artistic Mind said...

Nice work, liked it a lot.

sisters of mercy said...

Klaus turns Fyataru! Cholbey!!

Keka said...

i think it was one of yr comments on great bong :-P the name struck and i decided to turn sherlock... :-)

Avec Maître said...

Ah, Miss Marple! :-D

Elina Sen said...